LIGHT IN DARKNESS: 18 September, 2010, (7pm–2 am) 

LIGHT IN DARKNESS will be centred on lectures and debate. The American artist and writer, Elizabeth Goldring, whose own vision is impaired, will give a lecture on her ‘seeing machine’ for the visually challenged and the blind. In a symposium with artists Gunther Uecker and Olafur Eliasson and the scientists Roger Malina and Semir Zeki, Daniel Birnbaum, Vice-­‐Chancellor of the Stadelschule at Frankfurt am Main, will debate on the projects and visions of the classical avant-­‐garde and on contemporary and future trends, with reference to the central leitmotif of Light. Olafur Eliasson is a co-­‐founder of the Institut für Raumexperimente in Berlin, Dr. Roger Malina is an astrophysicist and researches into ultraviolet light, Prof. Dr. Semir Zeki is a neurobiologist whose fields of activity include the biological premises of aesthetic perception and the visualisation of shapes and colours by the brain.  More information

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