Twine: Art-Science and Science-Art Curricula

Twine: Art-Science and Science-Art Curricula

Leonardo Education Forum co chair Victoria Vesna and Leonardo Executive Editor Roger Malina are interested in examples of courses and curricula that are in the art-science field- such as courses on art and biology, art and mathematics, art and chemistry etc.

We are not collecting art and new media curricula, but the broad range of arts ( all forms from performing , sound, visual etc) connecting to all sciences, hard and social sciences. We are including art and new technologies if they are not new media ( eg nano tech)

People who have taught an art-science or science art class, at university or secondary school level, in formal or informal settings are invited to contact roger malina at rmalina—at—

We realise its hard to differentiate art-science from art-technology and that the boundaries blur ( eg nano science is hard to separate from nano technology), but a art and robotics class isn’t really what we are trying to compile here !! There are other resources that are compiling new media programs ( eg see pier luigi capucci’s resource as part of the YASMIN network, also Paut Thomas’ resource at

Please feel free also to add references/literature relevant to developing curriula in art-science or articles you have written about your pedagogy.

We thought we might try and organise a workshop or panels for educators who are developing curricula in the art science area.

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