Visual Culture and Evolution Online Symposium

WASHINGTON – The Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences
will co-host the “Visual Culture and Evolution Online Symposium” with the
Center for Art, Design, and Visual Culture (University of Maryland,
Baltimore County) and Johns Hopkins University’s Master of Arts in Museum
Studies Program.  The online symposium will take place on the Internet
from April 5 through April 14.

Join a group of more than 30 international experts – including artists,
scientists, historians, ethicists, curators, sociologists, and writers –
as they discuss the intersections between the visual arts and evolution.
This past year, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth
and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his book, “On the Origin
of Species,” a number of conferences were held around the world focusing
on the impact of the concept of evolution.  This symposium will be a
platform to discuss both the ideas generated from those activities and the
present impact of evolutionary thought on visual culture.

The symposium, which will be conducted through software designed for
online courses, will be publicly accessible at  The
online format overcomes geographic and financial barriers, enabling
leading figures in these fields from around the world to engage in the
discussion without a major disruption to their research and practices.

Kevin Finneran, editor in chief of Issues in Science and Technology, will
moderate the discussion. Issues is the quarterly policy journal published
by the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering,
Institute of Medicine, and University of Texas at Dallas.

Visit the symposium:

For a complete list of symposium panelists, visit

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