Interview with Roger Malina: Txt: Teresa De Feo / Eng: Mimi Peña
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Teresa De Feo: Mister Malina, you believe in the relationship between science and humanity and particularly in the relationship between science, art and technology and seeing as, according your ideas, seem to be the most fruitful solutions in promoting necessary change. The key word you use, the right direction to follow, seem to be, in this case: the practice of a new science that you call “intimate science ”, the doubt as a driving force behind the cultural development, the value of curiosity as the foundation of a new ethic. It’s clear that many of these words and concepts belong to artistic vocabulary and practices, and this is not by a chance. You underline, like Roy Ascott says, that the correct sentence today is: “ask not what the sciences can do for the arts, ask what arts, and in particular, technology-based arts, do for science?

Roger Malina: We live in difficult times where we must “redesign’ our cultures now that the oil economy is coming to an end, to find ways so that the very large human population does not disrupt the ecology and curcle of life we depend on, and of course to mitigate anthropogenic environmental changes including global warming. I think one of the problems is that many changes are not really perceptible to our senses, even if we see glaciers melting CO2 has no taste or smell and cannot be seen.

Full interview is posted at

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