Ann: New MA Program in the Humanities (Manipal University)

Leonardo Editorial Advisor Sundar Sarukkai informs us of this new interesting MA that he has set up.  It is a new interdisciplinary MA course which integrates philosophy, social sciences and the arts. The subjects in this course are all unique and fun! Please see the site for some details on this:

Totally there are 16 papers, a graduate seminar and a thesis in this course. The papers are in the form of themes which will draw upon many disciplines and will thus exemplify what interdisciplinarity means. All the papers in this course will have a strong theoretical basis
drawn from philosophy and other intellectual traditions, both from the Indian and the non-Indian perspectives. They will engage with seminal texts in these areas. All the courses will require written essays for purposes of grading. Students are expected to read from an extensive reading list.

More information:

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