ITACCUS input to UN report on cultural uses of space

The ITACCUS committee of the International Federation of Astronautics
(IAF) promotes
the use of outer space ( data, spacecraft, systems( for cultural purposes
( arts and humanities, entertainment, tourism). Any cultural activity
above 100km or so !!
Although we do include zero gravity parabolic flights as plateforms for ITACCUS. of the ITACCUS committee is currently compiling
our report that will be included in the IAF report to the United Nations Commitee for
the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. IAF has observer status on this UN Committee.

If you carried out any artistic or cultural activities that included
use of space
data, spacecraft or systems we would like to include you in the report.

If you have recommendations for policies that the UN COPUOS should
develop please
feel free.

Please send Nahum Mantra a few sentences an a URL to
in the next ten days

Roger Malina Nicola Triscott
Co Chairs ITACCUS committee of the IAF

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