I just arrived in Capetown ,South Africa where 2000 space professionals are meeting. There is large african delegation. Of note is that 11 Nigerian scientists and engineers have been elected to the International Academy of Astronautics.

Here are some art and space items of interest

Space Culture Announcements

October 7 2011 Water from Space: Societal, Educational and Cultural aspects:Capetown, South Africa
This week in Capetown, South Africa at the International Astronautical Congress ( a session on Water from Space including cultural aspects organized by Annick Bureaud (with Adrian Meyer –Space School Africa, Chris Welch-International Space University ) including keynote by artist Takuro Osaka on the Kibo art experiment on the International Space Station, and Jyoti Mistry of University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.
Call for Papers for International Astronautical Congress Naples Italy 2012
The call for papers has been issued for contributing papers at the International Astronautical Congress that will be held in Naples Italy October 1-5 2012 ( with a deadline of 29 February 2012. Sessions that are relevant to space culture and art and space include:
SPACE CULTURE: Innovative Approaches for Public Engagement ( Annick Bureaud Coordinator)
Presentations by Institutions on space activities that engage the cultural sector.

SPACE AS AN ARTISTIC MEDIUM; Coordinated by Richard Clar. Projects by artists.

SPACE VISUALISATION: How visualiisation approaches influence societal appropriation of space.


These activities are endorsed and promoted by ITACCUS. The International Astronautical Federation Technical Activities Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space:
The 2013 International Astronautical Congress will be held in Beijing, China . We are interested in networking with interested arts and culture organisations in Beijing. Contact

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