Call for Art-Science Residency Proposals at IMERA, Marseille

The Art-Science Program at IMERA, the Mediterranean Institute for
Advanced Studies in Marseille has issued a new call for residency proposals

Deadline 15 January 2012 for 2013/14 residencies

Art-science proposals may be either from artists, scientists
or art-science groups where the project requires in depth collaboration
between the artists and scientists.

IMERA is/has hosted artists including:

Rachel Mayeri (collaboration with primatologists)
Harold Vasselin ( collaboration with climate change observatory)
Scot Gresham Lancaster (collaboration with plasma physics)
Pierre Alain Hubert ( collaboration with nano scientists)
Peter Richards ( collaboration with geographers)
Victoria Vesna (collaboration with neurobiology)
Etienne Rey (collaboration with cognitive sciences)
Mohamed Youssef ( collaboration with virtual reality lab)
Mariateresa Santori ( collaboration with complex network physics)
Janviera Tejerina ( collaboration with hydrodynamicists)
Ciro Cattuto, Wouter Van Den Broeck,Marco Quaggioto (.ath/designer
dynamical complex networks)
Jim Gimzewski nano scientists (collaboration with fireworks artist)
Anne du Boistesslin ( collaboration with sociologists)

Residency formats include 5 and 10 month residencies,and group
art-science residences ( 1-2 months).

Our last call for proposals was heavily oversubscribed
( ten times more applications that we could accept). Successful
art-science proposals establish the need for art-science interaction
that engages both the artists and the scientists deeply in the project.

I am happy to advise interested candidates, drop me an email
at to discuss whether your proposal
falls within our scope of interest.

We have a two year project led by anthropologist Cedric Parizot
on borders/frontieres ( biometrics. networks, virtual/real), details

The art-science program is directed by sociologist Samuel Bordreuil
and myself.

Further info below

Roger Malina
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IMéRA residence proposals are open to researchers (scientists and
artists) of all origins in terms of nationality and disciplines (the
Arts and Humanities are included).

Research projects carried out at IMéRA focus on interactions within
social sciences and between social sciences and formal/experimental
sciences, and on relationships between art and science, exploring and
enhancing the potential openings between such disciplines.
Applications can be individual or collective (multidisciplinary teams).
Scientists must hold a PhD to submit an application. This does not
apply to artists.


L’Institut Méditerranéen de Recherches Avancées (IMéRA-Marseille)
vient de lancer son nouvel appel à candidatures pour des accueils de
chercheurs (scientifiques et artistes) dans la période comprise entre
le 15 février 2013 et le 15 juillet 2014 (résidences d’une durée de 5
ou 10 mois).

L’accueil en résidence à l’IMéRA est ouvert aux chercheurs de toutes
origines nationales et disciplinaires. L’institut sera
particulièrement attentif aux candidatures originaires de la zone

La date limite pour candidater est fixée au 15 janvier 2012.

Les candidatures sont reçues uniquement par le système de candidature
électronique en ligne sur le site web de l’IMéRA (

Merci de diffuser largement cet appel à candidatures.

IMéRA : 2 place Le Verrier, Marseille

L’IMéRA est membre du Réseau français des instituts d’études avancées (RFIEA).

Email : –

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  1. Dear Roger,

    Please allow me to introduce myself to you. I am a visual artist working Los Angeles and dealing with themes of primitive cultures, stone masonry and objects related to social status in my latest bodies of work. I am seeking collaboration with a science match allowing my concepts to develop further as I push my contemporary artwork. Lately I have been very active in producing a large body of work along with a rapid promising exposure. Several of these works are at the moment unpublished but are available for you to see via .jpg. I would like to know if you may believe this work will be a fit for the residency opportunity that you are currently offering. Thank you for taking the time to correspond with my request.

    Sincerely, Dodd Holsapple

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