Artist Rachel Mayeri on her Art for Non Human Primates

Artist Rachel Mayeri,
with Jean Pierre Dautricourt on her IMERA residency in the
Primatology Center

Her project is to make art works for other primages

Given the state of permanent crisis in regards to species extinction and the complex relationship between human and non-human primates, especially within the realm of scientific inquiry on primate cognition, I propose to work in an open-ended dialogue with researchers in the field of cognitive neuroscience on four related topics:
(1) the creation of videos for the enrichment of lab animals,
(2) cross-species neurocinematics : investigating how human and non-human minds read signs,
(3) the formation of identity and affiliation between species, especially among scientists who work with animals,
(4) primate cognition in crisis: looking at the relationship between decision-making and emotions.
Depending on researchers’ desire to collaborate, I will either produce art project(s) described in further detail in my proposal, and/or a documentary about the dialogue itself.

Her web site is at:

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