Artist Ruth West work with genomics and other sciences

Artist Ruth West has a long practice involving working with scientists and creating new ways
of visualising and navigating scientific data

recent examples at :

See details on Atlas in Silico at:

and on utube

ATLAS in silico is a physically interactive virtual reality installation. It fuses art and emerging technologies with pioneering science. The installation offers an ethereal and dreamlike immersive 3D environment, wherein you can explore life-size renderings of the Global Ocean Survey — a recent pioneering voyage of discovery circumnavigating the Earth’s oceans, the results of which give us a new picture of life on Earth.

and another application in her Leonardo Journal article:

Ecce Homology, a physically interactive new-media work, visualizes genetic data as calligraphic forms. A novel computer-vision user interface allows multiple participants, through their movement in the installation space, to select genes from the human genome for visualizing the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST), a primary algorithm in comparative genomics. Ecce Homology was successfully installed in the UCLA Fowler Museum, 6 November 2003–4 January 2004.

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