Lovely Weather: Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre Sound Art Call

Leonardo is pleased to bring to your attention as part

of the Leonardo Lovely Weather project:


Sound Art Miniatures

The Electronic Arts Experimenting and Research Centre (CEIArtE) of the
National University of Tres de Febrero in
Argentina and the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre,


with support
of the Balance-Unbalance international
project and collaboration from the Hexagram-Concordia Centre for
Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies
of Concordia University in Canada, calls for participation in the
international competition arte! clima for the creation
of miniatures of sound art related to the climate change effects and
the global environmental crisis.

For this contest, we understand by sound art miniatures, creations of
sound art/music involving the use of new
technologies, whose products can fit into what is known as
soundscapes, electroacoustic /acousmatic music sonorizations and

Co sponsored by Leonardo/ISAST

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