Whats on the MIND of the art science technology community ?



The SEAD study is now in full swing. Some 60 papers with suggestions on how

to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities for enabling better collaboration

between the arts/design/humanities and the sciences/engineering.
See the Papers at:




The SEAD White Paper Steering- And the White Paper coordinators


will be working on the final report, including a meta-analysis of the white paper

suggested actions, but also looking at recommendations from previous reports.


A call for volunteers who would be willing to do a meta=analysis of their own

to be included in the report that will be submitted to the US NSF  in June 2013

resulted in a great response; The following will be doing a meta analysis=

from their perspective, looking at gaps in the white papers, or suggestions

from a particular profession. Our Meta Analysers so far Include:


Gabriel Harp

Francois-Joseph Lapointe

Christina Miranda

Jonathan Zilberg


We welcome voluteers who might be interested in doing their own meta-analysis= a PDF

file is available with all the final white papers available to date. Contact me at rmalina(at)alum.mit.edu


Roger Malina


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