The 3rd LHI Art-Sci Symposium: San Antonio Texas

The 3rd LHI Art-Sci Symposium:

Why Art-Sci? Analyzing a Paradigm

will be held on March 23, 2013 at Land Heritage Institute.

San Antonio, Texas

Free and open to the public.

ROGER MALINA – physicist, astronomer, editor-in-chief of Leonardo magazine, distinguished professor at UT Dallas and Associate Director of Arts and Technology;

CAROL LaFAYETTE collaborates with individuals from the sciences to invent unique ways to experience flora, fauna, and phenomena in a rural landscape;

ALINE JAIMES’ research interests include climate change, cyberinfrastructure, hyperspectral remote sensing applied to ecology, atmosphere and water bodies, micrometeorology, primary production, and teaching science to kids;

RICHARD LOWENBERG has spent over 40 years creatively integrating understandings and grounded involvements in non-profit organizational development, architecture, environmental/ecosystems design, rural community planning, telecommunications networking, new-media and art/science initiatives;

artist FRANCESCA SAMSEL has recently been involved with many labs and scientists, including Texas Advanced Computing Center’s (TACC) Department of Data and Information Analysis at UT Austin and the Advanced Visualization Lab at UT San Antonio;

BEVERLY SINGER is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Native American Studies (Ethnology), University Regents Lecturer and Director of the Institute for American Indian Research at the University of New Mexico since 2000 and on faculty since Fall 2002;

as an artist, RUTH WEST’s background spans new media, molecular genetics, information aesthetics, scientific visualization, virtual / immersive environments, augmented reality, psychology, neuroscience, and participatory mobile and socialtechnologies;

ALSTON THOMS studies hunter-gatherer land-use intensification, especially the evolution of plant-food cooking technology, under the rubric of “Ancient Pre-Agricultural Carbohydrate Revolutions.”

Go to the LHI Art-Sci Projects<> page for information about past LHI Art-Sci symposia.

LHI Art-Sci Projects are made possible through support from the Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation and the City of San Antonio’s Department of Culture and Creative Development.

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