Call for Evaluation Results of Art Science Teaching

Call for SEAD Learning Studies

K-12 / Higher Education / Professional Education / Informal Education / Museums

The SEAD network is interested in learning more about published
studies in which math, science and engineering education is integrated
with music, art, dance, theater, literature, poetry, creative writing
and/or design education in either formal or informal settings, K-12
through professional schooling.

We are particularly interested in studies that have formally evaluated
educational outcomes resulting from the integration of SEAD subjects.
These outcomes include, but are not limited to: skill and knowledge
acquisition and transfer; problem finding; standardized test scores;
classroom success; visual imaging, pattern recognition, empathizing
and modeling ability; measures of creativity; etc.

We would appreciate copies of any such studies, preferably as PDFs,
but in whatever formats are available. The types of information we
seek and the general format we are using for the collection of data
are illustrated in this chart

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