congratulations to nahum mantra romero= space artist


It is with great pleasure that i bring to your attention the
award to Nahum Mantra Romero of a 2014 young space leader award
by the international astronautical federation

Nahum is is an artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist. he is the
first artist recipient
of this award

He is also secretary of ITACCUS – the IAF Technical Activities Committee
for the Cultural Utilisation of Space. And a curator with Arts
Catalyst in the UK

He is born into the space culture- has been organising the amazing Kosmica
events in Mexico City which attract the digerati and born digital young mexicans
interested in space

Nahum recently launched

 a three-year project called La Gravedad de los Asuntos. For the last
year he has been  developing this project with an amazing group of
Mexican artists
 alongside a troop of international curators, scientists and
organisations. La Gravedad de los Asuntos is a glocal and
interdisciplinary reflection about the
 cultural and scientific implications of the concept of gravity.

In the mid 1980s upon the invitation of the late Eileen Galloway= the
woman who helped create NASA

I was asked to set up the International Academy of Astronautics
Commission on Space
Activities and Society- and in particular we went about organising in
particular activities
on space and the arts- artists such as Bill Hartmann, Arthur Woods and
Richard Clar were the
first artists elected to the International Academy of Astronautics-
symbolically acknowledging the
role of artists in creating the space imaginaries that have driven the
space age. I well remember
the mentoring that Eileen provided me to help convince ‘engineers’
that the arts were essential
to the future of space

Nahum is the new generation of young professional artists creating new
imaganries that
will infect the ideas of tomorrow= that will make the future of space
possible- and is part of
a movement in countries outside the major space faring nations that is
taking ownership of
the space futures

I was delighted to nominate him for this award and delighted that
Nahum is the first artist
to receive it

roger malina


Congratulations to our 2014 Young Space Leaders! They are –

Andrea Jaime, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)
Michael Brett, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)
Yusuke Muraki, Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Nahum Romero, Laboratorio Arte Alameda
Rui Li, Beijing Institute of Control Engineering

The YSL Recognition Programme is targetted at exceptional students and
young professionals (age 21-35) who demonstrate leadership in their
academic or early careers.

The YSL winners are presented with their award during the Closing
Ceremony of the annual International Astronautical Congress (IAC).
Awardees also attend the IAC Gala Dinner as guests of the IAF
President and enjoy free IAC registration. For more information

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