Foot Prints or Boot Prints: What is there to celebrate about the first human landing on the moon ?

Celebrating the first humans on the moon ? July 19 is the forty fifth anniversary
here is the celebration in Dallas, Texas on July 19

would be interested in thoughts about what there is to celebrate about the first human
landing on the moon
foot prints or boot prints ?

– In cooperation with the National Space Society of North Texas, the Museum once again celebrates space exploration with MOON DAY, July 19, 2014.  Come and experience a full day of family-oriented activities, demonstrations, and programs, marking the 45th anniversary of the first manned Moon landing (the actual landing was on July 20).THE FIRST 250 CHILDREN to arrive will receive a free “Lunar Sample Bag” courtesy of Moonlite Printing & Graphics of Carrollton, full of magazines, stickers, activity books, posters and other materials of interest to space flight enthusiasts of all ages.

here is a comment from peter swan:


Peter Swan, Ph.D

International Space Elevator Consortium BoD

The American people achieved something monumental when they came together and supported, actively participated in, or just watched the Apollo lift-off, flight, Lunar landing, and return. Over 500 million people around the world watched while we held our breath. Werner Von Braun put it in perspective the night before the liftoff of Apollo 11: “What we will have attained when Neil Armstrong steps down upon the Moon is a completely new step in the evolution of man. For the first time, life will leave its planetary cradle, and the ultimate destiny of man will no longer be confined to those familiar continents that we have known so long.” [Life Magazine, 1969]. Neil Armstrong stated it beautifully with the well known words: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” In addition, the words left on the moon are meaningful: “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon July 1969 AD. We came in peace for all mankind.” After the flight, Neil Armstrong praised the “hundreds of thousands” of people behind the project. 

Now we need the help of the hundreds of thousands of people to come together and celebrate this remarkable event. Who will lead the planning to celebrate the 50th Anniversary? Who will invest in America’s achievement? Here are some questions that should be discussed in the near future:

• Who should lead the year-long celebration of this Earth shaking event?
• Should there be congressional recognition and support?
• How shall we share this event with the people of the globe?
• What events should be planned during the year 2019?
• Should there be a new memorial on the mall?
• How will the national agencies celebrate? [NASA?/USAF?] 
• How shall corporate entities celebrate?
• How shall towns, counties & states celebrate?
• How shall individuals be recognized?
• Should there be an oral history program focused upon July 1969?

As one who has gone through two major organizational recognitions of 50 years of success, I KNOW that most do not plan early enough nor with enough resources. I am bringing this topic to the table to help people recognize the need and spread the word within the organizations effected. I say:

Start Planning NOW for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing.




OVER 25 EXHIBITORS will offer fascinating displays and activities such as a close-up look at a meteorite, robotics demonstrations, space art, re-creating Moon craters, and a SAFE look directly at the sun through specially-equipped telescopes.

THREE PORTABLE PLANETARIUMS will be featured this year, all with different programs, to give visitors a glimpse of the night sky throughout the day!

FASCINATING PROGRAMS for all ages will include a look at life on Mars, “Cosmic Chemistry,” and the story of how Dr. James Carter of the University of Texas at Dallas developed simulated moon soil—presented by Dr. Carter himself!

BUILD AND LAUNCH A MODEL ROCKET!—Our younger visitors can attend a model rocket-building class courtesy of the Dallas Area Rocket Society from 1:30-3:15 p.m.  A $25.00 fee includes all materials including a beginner’s level model rocket and engine, a one-year membership to the Dallas Area Rocket Society, and an opportunity to launch the model rocket at a supervised Dallas Area Rocket Society launch event.  Students can enroll in advance or sign up at the door.  Call (214) 350-4215 for details.

GIRL SCOUTS, BOY SCOUTS, AND CUB SCOUTS can meet various badge and pin requirements through participation in specific Moon Day activities.  No registration is required, and the qualifying activities are presented throughout the entire day.

CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (CPE) CREDITS  can be earned by DISD teachers attending any one of several presentations throughout the day—get a head start on your 2014-2015 requirements!

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  1. You know, I’ve often wondered, since later Apollo missions had cameras recording the ignition of the LM’s ascent engine, you see how dust is kicked up and flags lean. I wonder just how much the bootprints in the vicinity get scrambled. I really hope that before someone would return to Tranquility Base, there will have been some kind of resin made that can be sprayed over the lunar surface to protect those prints. Start from 100-200 feet away, spraying the material, and work in towards the LM. Just think, it would be very exciting if we could go to a beach and actually see Columbus’ prints. I first read of this in a pretty realistic sci-fi novel by Ben Bova entitled “Millenium”. I think it would be worth paying some kind of fee to the first commercial companies ready to visit the area (I sure doubt it will be NASA.)