Announcing the Art and Earth Science Channel on Creative Disturbance



We are pleased to announce the Art and Earth Sciences  Channel on Creative Disturbance
This is one of several STEM to STEAM channels that will be announced.

Art and Earth Science

Hosted by Susan Eriksson

Artists have used the Earth as inspiration and as subject matter for millennia. This channel will highlight existing projects and discuss where the geosciences and artists can collaborate to bring new insights to what happens at the boundary between the disciplines. We are particularly interested in building research agendas to support this growing field.

If you are interested in being featured in a podcast discussing your work in Art and Earth Sciences contact me at

rmalina (at)

and I will put you in touch with Susan Eriksson


The first podcast is an Introduction to Art and Earth Science , a discussion between Susan Eriksson and Kathy Ellins 

Dr. Kathy Ellins and Dr. Susan Eriksson discuss the current status of art and earth science collaborations and new directions that could bolster their utility in geoscience research and education. Dr. Kathy Ellins works in the office of Outreach and Diversity in the Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin and Dr. Susan Eriksson is an independent consultant and a research fellow in the ArtSci Lab at The University of Texas at Dallas

If you are interested in helping this project happen- we are Crowdfunding it until Dec 5


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