“From Synesthesia to Synthesis of Arts” Conference in Honor of Bulat Galeyev in Kazan

Dear Colleagues


I bring to your attention this conference on Synesthesia in the Arts

in Honor of the late Bulat Galeyev, Co editor of the Leonardo Journal

and a friend and colleague
Roger malina



III Galeyev’s Readings


International Scientific and Practical Conference

“From Synesthesia to Synthesis of Arts”


To the 75th anniversary of Bulat Makhmudovich Galeyev’s birth


2-5 October 2015, Kazan


Dear colleagues!


On October, 2, 2015, we celebrate 75 years since an outstanding native scientist, founder of Kazan light-musical school, researcher of philosophical and aesthetic basics of synesthesia and pioneer of native videoculture Bulat Machmudovich Galeyev’s birth (1940-2009).

For more than 40 years under his direction, SKB-NII of experimental aesthetics “Prometheus” was the main center for studying Scriabin’s ideas of light-music, theory and practice of audio-visual synthesis. Here Galeyev’s and his colleagues’ original light-musical ideas were born and realized.

Kazan conferences gather researchers of the very various fields of knowledge from all over the world. The interdisciplinary direction has discovered rare, sometimes the most unexpected and important perspectives of scientific and artistic relationship in their historical and modern context. This gives an opportunity to understand and see one or another cultural event in new ways.

In Memoriam of Bulat Machmudovich Galeyev and his business, to which he devoted all his life, we are planning on having a scientific and practical conference “From Synesthesia to Synthesis of Arts”. According to Galeyev, synesthesia is a specific demonstration of non-verbal thinking that can be realized by means of involuntary or purposeful comparison of different-modal impressions based on structural, sense bearing or, mostly, emotional resemblance. In the scientist’s opinion, synesthesia is a social and cultural but not a biological phenomenon. The very language, art is that “ground” where synesthesia is formed and extensively cultivated.

A special sounding for today is a problem of synthesis of arts in conditions of digitalization of modern culture and art. Synesthesia here is becoming the most important “scene” to unite efforts of artists involving in various kinds and genres of art.


We invite specialists of various scientific fields who are interested in studies of synesthesia and synthesis of arts, their theories and historical realizations in the world and native cultures.


At the conference it is proposed to have lectures and brief notes in the following sections:

B.M.Galeyev, “Prometheus”: history, theory, practice

– practical and theoretical heritage of B.M.Galeyev in the context of modern native and foreign cultural situation;

– SKB-NII “Prometheus” as a main center of studying synesthesia and designing of “light-musical” devices;

– unknown pages and reconstruction of forgotten events in Kazan light-musical school: history, people and facts.


Problems of synesthesia in aesthetics

  • algorythmic aesthetics and synesthesia;
  • receptive feelings and emotional experience in the context of synesthesia;
  • modern digital art practice of synthetical type.


Problems of synesthesia in art

  • from synesthesia to synthesis in arts in visual art: history, theory and art practice;
  • synesthesia and synthesis of arts in design and architecture: history and modernity, theory and practice;
  • synesthesia in theatre, music and cinema: history and modernity, theory and practice;
  • from synesthesia to synthesis of arts: history and practice, theory and modernity in the world literature.


Within the conference we are going to have an exhibition and an evening festival program in which veterans of audiovisual experiences with representation of their works as well as practitioners of modern art are welcomed.


To take part in the conference, evening festival program or exhibition, please, send your applications before March, 1, 2015. The application form is in Appendix 1.

It is planned to publish a conference book with RSCI (Russia Science Citation Index) label. Due to this fact, the paper being maximally ready for publication should be sent before April, 1, 2015, as an attachment to galeyev2015@mail.ru or by post to Russia, 420111, Kazan, K.Marks St., 10, KNITU-KAI, “Prometheus”.


Organizing committee:

Alexander S. Migunov, D.Sc. in Philosophy, member of AIS (Association of Art Critics, Russian public organization of art historians and critics, MSU, Moscow) – Conference Chair, Research Advisor;

Stanislav A. Zavadski, Ph.D. in Philosophy (MSU, Moscow);

Vyacheslav F. Kolejchuk, artist, designer, member of SA (Union of Architects), prof. (MIARCH, Moscow);

Nina P. Kolyadenko, D.Sc. in History of Arts (NSC, Novosibirsk);

Larisa P. Prokofieva, D.Sc. in Philology (STMU, Saratov);

Michael S. Zalivadny, Ph.D. in History of Arts (SPSC, S.-Petersburg);

Irina A. Trofimova, Ph.D. in Education (KFU, Kazan);

Nadezhda A. Kargapolova, Ph.D. in History of Arts, member of AIS (Association of Art Critics, Russian public organization of art historians and critics, Moscow);

Anastasia B. Maximova, Ph.D. in History (KSRTU-KAI, CA “Prometheus”, Kazan);

Sunbul M. Galyavina (CA “Prometheus”, Kazan) – Assistant Editor.




Some requested details about printing your paper:

The paper is to be printed on not more than 4 pages in Microsoft Office Word format, Times New Roman of 14 pt with line distance of 1; 2 cm from all printed page sides, page numbering should be placed at the bottom center of each page.

The paper’s title is to be centered with author’s name, location and e-mail to the right of the page. The paper should be supported with an ABSTRACT (6-8 lines, see Appendix 2)

Any notes should be listed in order as the work progresses.

Publications on Linguistics will be published in author’s native language.

The paper can be supplied with any simple diagrams, tables, pictures (jpg, b&w).

The Conference Committee reserves the right to reject one’s application.


The publication fee is 50 USD, including postal charges of a conference book to a participator in case of his/her distance participation.


Unfortunately, we cannot cover costs for your travel or stay during our event but we are here to help make arrangements for comfortable hotel accommodations according to your wishes.


Our contacts: office tel. +7 (843) 238-62-73 (Kazan, Russia)

Anastasia Maximova +7(987) 237-06-87

Sunbul Galyavina +7 (960) 038-13-58

Ellina Sokolova +7 (987) 207-88-45


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