From Synesthesia to Synthesis of Arts: In Praise of Bulat Galeyev


We celebrate 75 years since an outstanding native scientist, founder of Kazan light-musical school, researcher of philosophical and aesthetic basics of synesthesia and pioneer of native videoculture Bulat Machmudovich Galeyev’s birth

Ray Lauzzana just opened a facebook event- hope you will join and comment: 


In a previous blog I disseminated news about the conference being organised in his honor in Kazan


For those of you who dont know the work of Bulat check out:

Born Bulat Maxmudovich Galeyev in 1940. Graduated from Kazan State Pedagogical Institute, Kazan, USSR, in 1962, and attained a Ph.D. in 1986. He was a teacher in physics and aesthetics, 1962-1963; a lecturer in physics and philosophy at KAI, Kazan, 1963-1966; a scientific worker, 1966-1994; head of SKB Prometheus, director of scientific and research institute for experimental aesthetics affilated with the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan and Kazan State Technical University, Kazan, 1994-present; a film director, theatrical performances director, director of light-music performances and video art installations, SKBPrometei, 1964-1995; and professor of aesthetics of Kazan Conservatory, since 1990.

He wrote several books and contributed more than 500 articles to professional journals. He was a member of the editorial board of Leonardo, since 1987; of Language of Design magazine, USA, 1992-1997; and Kazan magazine, since 1993. He was the organizer of 15 All-Union and All-RussiaLight and Music conferences and a participant in many international symposia and festivals. He received a Diploma for Spectacle from the All-Russia Theatrical Society, Moscow, 1970; a diploma for film awarded by the organizing committee of the international Techfilm festival, Prague, 1975; and an honorary medal awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, Moscow, 1983. He was a member of Russian Academy of Humanities and of the Russian Cinemamakers Union, as well as a corresponding member ofthe Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan. Member of International Society for Art, Science and Technology. Died in 2009.
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