How Art can Change Science ?; what was on roger’s mind in Poland


May 14 I had the pleasure of participating in the Symposium ‘ How Can Art Help Science” organised

by Ryszard W. Kluszczyński at the WRO Biennale of Media Art in Wroclaw, Poland. It was a lively

day and the videos are now going up on line: 

In my talk I argued that we should not be asking how “art can help science” ( the question that

Roy Ascott framed 20 years ago) but rather “how can art “change’ science”. My core argument

is that we are in the middle of a deep change in representation, as deep as 3 dimensional

perspective. That the question has shifted from data illustration, to data visualisation

and now data representation- and as argued by historian Dan Boorstin this is a profound

epistemological shift- when new systems of representation have been invented this will

change the way science is done, and what science studies- just as did the invention

of the telescope/microscope or 3d perspective. Here is the video of my talk- I found a couple

of errors of fact and enthusiastic exaggeration – all comments welcome

roger malina



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