OK OK so what is Skotopoiesis ?

ŠPELA PETRIČ: ‘Confronting Vegetal Otherness: Skotopoiesis’

As part of the ‘Trust Me, I’m an Artist’ project, Kapelica Gallery presents a work by Špela Petrič.

In the series Confronting Vegetal Otherness, intermedia artist Špela Petrič explores the possibility of intercognition between humans and plants based on the innate biosemiotic processes, that is the physico-chemical signs that facilitate a senseful interaction. Through the omission of technological interfaces, she hopes to address the distinct properties of animals and plants at different levels of organization (cells, individual, community), reasoning that to embody the post-anthropocentric paradigm towards plants, the human individual must transiently commit to a level of vegetalization.

Skotopoiesis is the first performance from the series attempting plant-human intercognition. In this durational piece the artist and germinating cress face each other, illuminated by a light projection. The biosemiosis occurs through the obstruction of light; the artist’s shadow contributes to the etiolation of the cress (yellowing, lengthening), while the time she stands arrested to achieve this effect results in the shrinkage of the artist, making visible the effort of this cross-species encounter.

The performance will be followed by a discussion with ethics committee.

Performance: 9 – 11 Sep, 2015, 11am-9pm, last day till 4pm
Panel discussion: 11 Sep, 2015, 6-8pm

Kapelica Gallery
Kersnikova 4
SI-1000 Ljubljana


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