Want to inject your ideas into roger malina’s fall 2015 seminar on art-science-humanities today ?


I am developing a new hot topic based course this fall at utdallas- this is connected to the snapshot update we are working on for the NSF funded SEAD study:  Steps to an Ecology of Networked Knowledge and Innovation: Enabling New Forms of Collaboration among Sciences, Engineering, Arts, and Design 


If you have a hot topic/emerging trend/concern about a gap in the art/sci/tech ecology- and would be willing to inject your ideas ( we can record podcasts or have skype interventions or take short texts and URLs). The seminar will have an interesting mixture of MA, MFA and PHD students whose work requires cross connecting arts/design/humanities and science/engineering in new ways


please drop me an email at rmalina@alum.mit.edu if you wish to enroll in the seminar ( and are a UTD student) or would like to inject your ideas.
Roger Malina



ATEC 6380 with Professor Roger F Malina – Fall 2015. Monday Evening Seminar

Studies in Art, Science, and Humanities

Prof Malina is an astrophysicist, art science researcher and Editor of the Leonardo Publications at MIT Press; he is heavily engaged in developing new forms of collaboration between the arts/design/humanities with the sciences and engineering. This research and practice seminar is open to UTD PhD, MA and MFA students and will seek to help the students develop and focus their research and creative arts projects. Contact rmalina@alum.mit.edu to enroll.
We will study new hot topics in arts, sciences and humanities including:


The ethics of curiosity. Readings from the work of Indian philosopher of science Sundar Sarukkai. Foundations of inter and transdisciplinary research.


The science of collaboration. Readings around the methodologies used to develop successful collaboration; based on the NSF funded study led by Prof Malina,.


Contemporary initiatives in cognitive sciences and neurobiology that can inform research and creative practices. Guest lecturers will include Prof Gagan Wig from UTD BBS school.


Innovations in scholarly and art publishing and education. How researchers and artists document their work and present to different audiences today.


Research in arts and design. We will look at how international programs are developing research methodologies in arts and design and emerging best practices.


Citizen science, collaborative science and open science developments today.
Art and International Relations

Art /Science and Agriculture




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