Memoirs of Pioneers: Neil Rolnick reminisces about his work 40 years ago in art and technology



As part of the memoirs of pioneers in art and technology project we are publishing podcasts on Creative Disturbance. Last week we featured Dan Sandin:

At the beginning of our project Bronac Ferran talked to Liliane Lijn: 
This week we feature a first podcast with Neil Rolnick , a pioneer who among other things worked at IRCAM in the early 80s, set up the MFA at RPI: 

for some of the other memoirs we have been publishing =


If you are a pioneer active before the mid 80s in the art science technology community please contact us and we would be happy to publish your memoirs= contact me at

Roger Malina

What do our Pioneers in Art and Technology Remember 30 years later? :

Leonardo Memoirs of Pioneers Announcement of Recent Publications and Call for Memoirs from Pioneers in Art, Science and Technology

July 8 2015

Pioneers and Pathbreakers seeks to publish written and oral memoirs by
artists, engineers, gallery owners, curators, and others who were
instrumental in intertwining the collective destinies of art, science,
and technology from 1960s to the middle of the 1980s.

If you are a pioneer that was active at least 30 years ago ( before the mid-80s) and would be interested in publishing your memoirs project contact Poe Johnson via

We are pleased to bring to your attention memoirs by pioneers Liliajn Lijn, A Michael Noll, Reg Gadney, Frieder Nake, Jim Pallas, Jacques Mandelbrojt ,Helen and Newton Harrison…published in Creative Disturbance podcasts, Leonardo Journal articles and Leonardo/OLATS Temoignage documents.


Recently published Memoirs of Pioneers in the Leonardo Journal:


Jim Pallas: Century of Light Shines for Twenty-five Years
Michael Noll: Early Digital Computer Art at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated

The Harrisons: Talking and Remembering :
Recently Published Open Access on the Leonardo/OLATS Pioneers and Pathbreakers site:
Témoignage-Memoirs: “Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated: An Early Digital Media Lab”, A. Michael NOLL, June 8, 2014

Témoignage-Memoirs: “Essay: New Media at Bell Labs”, A. Michael NOLL, August 21, 2014.


Recently Published as open access podcasts on Creative Disturbance:
The Work and Legacy of Liliane Lijn
Frieder Nake on Emergence in Generative, Algorithmic Art

Reg Gadney on Modern Art’s Unsung Pioneer: Frank Malina


Jacques Mandelbrojt se rappel


Roger Malina, Poe Johnson, Annick Bureaud, Bronac Ferran, Fabrice Lapelletrie, Charissa Terranova for the Leonardo Memoirs of Pioneers Project:

and the Frieda Ackerman Committee for P and P:


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