THE LEONARDO PALMARES: top 50 star authors of Leonardo Journal for 2015


I am pleased to bring to you the top 50 Leonardo authors of 2015 !! there are surprises with the top dowloaded article ( 2500 pdf’s downloaded) being Kim Veltman’s 2008 review of 20th century scholarship about Leonardo Da Vinci !! But the top 50 includes artists and scholars such as

Eddie Shanken, Roy Behrens, Greta Berman, Robert Root Bernstein, George Gessert, Linda Henderson, Ann Pizzorusso, Roger Penrose, Janet Saad-Cook, jon ippolito and many other stellar members of our community including colleagues who are no longer with us such as C.P.Snow and J.J Gibson

Find the articles by searching on the article title and or author- many of the most dowloaded articles are from our nearly 50 years of archives !

Over 250,000 full PDFs were dowloaded !! with top authors having 2500 pdfs dowloaded- we have a growing and international audience- if you want to have your work published in Leonardo contact me !!
Roger Malina
Executive Editor, Leonardo Publications MIT Press


Here is Palmares of the top 50 leonardo authors by numbers of PDF dowloads this year
Roger Malina



Rank Title Author Volume Issue
1 Leonardo Da Vinci: A Review Kim H. Veltman 41 4
2 Leonardo da Vinci and Perpetual Motion. Allan A. Mills 41 1
3 Self-Portraits as Presentations of Self W. Ray Crozier and Paul Greenhalgh 21 1
4 Art, Design and Gestalt Theory. Roy R. Behrens 31 4
5 Leonardo da Vinci’s Struggles with Representations of Reality. Nicholas J. Wade, Hiroshi Ono and Linda Lillakas 34 3
6 Social Media as a New Public Sphere Tatiana Mazali 44 3
7 Watching How Ideas Spread Over Social Media Yu-Ru Lin 46 3
8 Does Lara Croft Wear Fake Polygons? Gender and Gender-Role Subversion in Computer Adventure Games Anne-Marie Schleiner 34 3
9 Synesthesia and the Arts. Greta Berman 32 1
10 The Construction of Jackson Pollock’s Fractal Drip Paintings. Richard P. Taylor, Adam P. Micolich and David Jonas 35 2
11 The Meteorological Odyssey of Vincent van Gogh Stanley David Gedzelman 23 1
12 Art in the Information Age: Technology and Conceptual Art Edward A. Shanken 35 4
13 Fertilization Narratives in the Art of Gustav Klimt, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo: Repression, Domination and Eros among Cells Scott F. Gilbert 44 3
14 The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction (An Evolving Thesis: 1991-1995) Douglas Davis 28 5
15 The Elements of Color by Johannes Itten Arthur Karp 5 2
16 Deciphering and Appeasing the Heavens: The History and Fate of an Ancient Greek Computer Evaggelos Vallianatos 45 3
17 Brunelleschi’s Discovery of Perspective’s “Rule” Malcolm Park 46 3
18 Marina Abramović’s Seven Easy Pieces: Critical Documentation Strategies for Preserving Art’s History Jessica Santone 41 2
19 Color Perception and the Art of James Turrell. Patrick Beveridge 33 4
20 Intermedia Dick Higgins 34 1
21 The Display of Art: An Historical Perspective David Carrier 20 1
22 The Two Cultures C. P. Snow 23 2/3
23 Ten Myths of Internet Art Jon Ippolito 35 5
24 Renderings of Digital Art Christiane Paul 35 5
25 Object Intermediaries: How New Media Artists Translate the Language of Things Kayla Anderson 47 4
26 The St. Peter’s “Pietà”: A Madonna and Child? An Anatomical and Psychological Reevaluation Rumy Hilloowala and Jerome Oremland 20 1
27 The Avant-Garde Cinema of the 1920s: Connections to Futurism, Precisionism, and Suprematism Martin F. Norden 17 2
28 The Bearded Lady and the Shaven Man: Mona Lisa, Meet” Mona/Leo” Antoinette LaFarge 29 5
29 Music, Creativity and Scientific Thinking. Robert S. Root-Bernstein 34 1
30 The Ecological Approach to the Visual Perception of Pictures James J. Gibson 11 3
31 A Brief History of Japanese Robophilia Mark Gilson 31 5
32 Contemporary Chinese Painting: The Leading Masters and the Younger Generation Lin Xiaoping 20 1
33 Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood George Gessert 37 5
34 Light Perfume: A Fashion Accessory for Synchronization of Nonverbal Communication Yongsoon Choi 46 5
35 Astronomy, Science Fiction and Popular Culture: 1277 to 2001 (And beyond) Guy J. Consolmagno 29 2
36 The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney by Michael Barrier Wilfred Niels Arnold 41 4
37 Hybrid Reassemblage: An Exploration of Craft, Digital Fabrication and Artifact Uniqueness Amit Zoran 46 1
38 The “Large Glass” Seen Anew: Reflections of Contemporary Science and Technology in Marcel Duchamp’s “Hilarious Picture” Linda Dalrymple Henderson 32 2
39 Automata: Seeing Cyborg through the Eyes of Popular Culture, Computer-Generated Imagery, and Contemporary Theory Adam I. Bostic 31 5
40 The Logic of Color: Theory and Graphics in Christine Ladd-Franklin’s Explanation of Color Vision Jeremy Kargon 47 2
41 Touching the Sky: Artworks Using Natural Phenomena, Earth, Sky and Connections to Astronomy Janet Saad-Cook, Charles Ross, Nancy Holt and James Turrell 21 2
42 Beyond Locative Media: Giving Shape to the Internet of Things Marc Tuters and Kazys Varnelis 39 4
43 The Hidden Dimension Edward T. Hall 6 1
44 Into the Belly of the Image: Historical Aspects of Virtual Reality Oliver Grau 32 5
45 Leonardo and Leonardo da Vinci. 41 1
46 The Transcendental Machine? A Comparison of Digital Photography and Nineteenth-Century Modes of Photographic Representation Diana Emery Hulick 23 4
47 Leonardo’s Geology: The Authenticity of the “Virgin of the Rocks” Ann Pizzorusso 29 3
48 The Fourth Dimension and Non-Euclidean Geometry in Modern Art: Conclusion Linda Dalrymple Henderson 17 3
49 On the Cohomology of Impossible Figures Roger Penrose 25 3/4
50 Other Worlds: The Cultural Significance of the Extraterrestrial Life Debate Steven J. Dick 29 2
50 Vermeer and the Camera Obscura: Some Practical Considerations Allan A. Mills 31 3