An Evening Honoring Women in STEAM in….Dallas


first a happy new years to those of you that have already
celebrated it !

although the folllowing event is not in the mediterranean
(but in dallas) I though i would bring it to your attention

in the usa the phrase ‘stem to steam’ has gone pretty
much viral- addressing the movement to integrate the
arts/design/humanities into science/tech/math

for instance our local contemporary arts museum in
dallas is hosting

An Evening Honoring Women in STEAM

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Math) Hosted by Dallas Contemporary and talkSTEM
to attend:

Friday 22 January 2016

Doors open at 6.00 pm

Special Presentation at 6.30 pm

Her Marks, a Measure by Dr. Aura Satz explores the role of women’s labor in science. Dr. Satz’s compelling work provides the local Dallas community with an opportunity to reflect on how science and technology relate to art and ways in which women are involved in STEAM.

Special Presentation:

talkSTEM’s 2016 Outstanding Leader in STEM Education Award, Wanda Gass

Remarks By:

Lynn McBee, CEO of Young Women’s Preparatory Network Oswaldo Alvarenga, Executive Director of Districtwide STEM at DISD

Free + Open to the Public

there is a blog called talkSTEM
which also carries STEAM items

to some extent the stem to steam language is a relabelling
of things that have been going on for decades ! but its good
to see the attention in mass media

roger malina

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