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After the relaunch of ARTSCATALYST in new facilities in London … , here comes a relaunch of  CONEXIONES IMPROBABLES in Spain…it is fascinating to see the evolving ideas and methods in the art science tech community and the proliferation of new hybrid spaces.

The ecology of diverse spaces, boundary spaces, with socially embedded approaches is very much part of the ideas we promote through the SEAD network, to which CONEXIONES IMPROBABLE belong : – The SEAD report which we published available at:  states:

“Innovations emerging from the intersection of the sciences, engineering, arts and design are transforming our economy, culture, and learning contexts. This transformation is emerging through products, methods, and questions that are fundamentally hybrid, such as software developed for human play, hardware designed for aesthetic elegance, and scientific and cultural information requiring new means of interpretation and expression to enable greater understanding of complex dynamics. Innovation stemming from interdisciplinary creativity is a major contributor to the development of new, sustainable economies and harmonious, cooperating societies.


  • Advocacy for research and creative work. The network facilitates experimentation with new methods, materials, and modes of creative inquiry and understanding in order to spawn groundbreaking discoveries and inventions.

  • Advocacy for learning and education. The network promotes life-long learning by supporting topics, pedagogies, and evaluation methods that integrate the sciences, engineering, arts and design.

  • Advocacy for partnership. The network is a nexus for strategic partnerships among individuals and organizations including government, industry, civic and academic institutions fostering initiatives that bring together diverse disciplines and domains.

  • Advocacy for culture and economic development. The network champions partnerships that value sustainability, community development and social entrepreneurship, in order to spur economic grow “

Conexiones Improbable advocates ” Open innovation methodology to change and transform organisations and territories through artistically and culturally based hybridisation experience” resonating with the ideas emerging in Europe, also reflected in the new EC STARTS, Science Technology and the Arts : which states:  “the Arts serve as catalysts in an efficient conversion of Science and Technology knowledge into novel products, services, and processes”.

In comparing the concurrent developments in the US, eg the STEM to STEAM movement, and those in Europe the social context and local embedding foreground issues of economic models which are barely challenged in the US but in much more contested in Europe.

Conexiones Improbable was a founding member of the network  ARTSACTIVE which in 2001 sought to connect the international network of artists’ programs in science and industry research labs. This network, which is now in-active, was an early anticipator of emerging practices that have now been taken up by policy makers and economic development agencies. Its a delight to see the relaunch of Conexiones Imprable in new facilities:

Below more info on Conexiones  Improbable below


After six years we decided the time had come to turn the house inside out. So we rolled up our sleeves and started cleaning, redecorating, ordering and building…
And this is the result:our new website.

All of you are invited to come inside your home, because all of you form part of our improbable community.

We hope you find our new website attractive, simple and easy to use. Because we must never forget that innovation often has a lot to do with the essence of things.

You are all well and truly welcome. Our door is always open.

Conexiones improbables. Hybridise to innovate 

Arts + Creations + Organizations

Conexiones improbables uses an Open Innovation methodology to help all
manner of businesses and organisations confront achallenge, problem or
need in order to achieve more creative and entrenched results than by
using classical innovation methodologies.

Conexiones improbables approaches creativity as a value and driving
force of innovation in any sector and activity. Creativity as a core
element in the daily life of organisations and citizens.

In order to do this, we work with artists, creators and thinkers to
form hybrid teams of people comprising professionals such as those
from the field of arts and culture, as well as members of the company
or organisation itself. These teams work together for a fixed period
of time to collaborate, co-create and co-investigate a challenge from
the organisation. They implement a form of Cross Innovation that leads
to “creative disruptions” aimed at innovation.

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The team at Conexiones improbables acts as a mediator/hybridiser
throughout the entire project by accompanying the research and
creative process at all times and intervening when necessary to
unblock, accelerate or slow down the situation.

It also identifies potential participants by making a call or
invitation to artists, bringing together both parties and adapting the
working methods for the entire process according to the
characteristics of each company or organisation and each artist or

Additionally, it provides a relationship framework in which they can
cooperate with each other in an atmosphere of equality and maintain
the characteristics of each of the project’s participants. This is why
it works towards building a common language and also internalising the
logic of the experience.

Conexiones improbables also develops the contractual legal framework
and guidelines for alternatives to the intellectual and industrial
property rights of the results.

As mediators we encourage the organisation to connect with the
community and facilitate interaction with other experiences. The
external visibility of its projects is strengthened by the fact that
it manages a significant number of these projects.

At the same time, it is also involved in the internal and external
communication of the project.

During the closing stages of the process, Conexiones improbables
guides both parties so they can take advantage of the opportunities
arising from the experience and, if necessary, helping to continue the
relationship with the artist. We also offer advice on ways to
implement the results arising from the innovation project.

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