Welcome to Texas Judge John Marshall to Creating a Disturbance


One of the pleasures of moving to Texas has been to develop a friendship with Texas Judge John Marshall.


I dont know what prejudices you have but Judge Marshall will dispel all of them ( check out the link above)

Senior Judge, Fourteenth Judicial District of Texas.

But Elected Member of the International Academy of Astronautics,

Which is where I am met him !  Texas Judge an elected member of the International Academy of Astronautics. Go figure. He worked on the Apollo program and is a co-author of a history of the Apollo Program B.A., History, J.D., SMU, member Mexican Academy of International Law. ( Donald Trump go figure). This is what we call intellectual dating on Creative Disturbance where we have just published our first podcast with him.


He is among other things an expert on cyber ethics. In a ruling in a texas court he ruled against a bank. The plaintiff complained that an ATM machine took his money but didnt deliver the cash. Judge Marshall asked to cross examine the witness, the ATM machine. The  Bank demurred- so the Judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff. 
Roger Malina