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If you havent been following the Virtual Africa Channel on Creative Disturbance platform http://creativedisturbance.org/channel/virtual-africa/, producer Yvan Tina has been connecting all over the African Continent and its diasporas – an AfroFuturism channel is about to be launched. I have ironically called the world hidden from the first pages of search engines- the ‘dark culture’ in analogy to ‘dark matter’ – astronomers have been studiyng matter that emits light since the beginning of humanity, but it turns out most of the universe is made from dark matter that emits no light. We are suffering from a similar myopia as the web privileges the most visible sites, and with the law of networks the big nodes get bigger.

I just returned from Colombia South America, http://malina.diatrope.com/2016/05/19/join-us-in-columbia-june-2017-and-make-constructive-art-science-technology-trouble/  and came away impressed with the vitality and originality of the work of the art science technology community.

Part of the mission of the Creative Disturbance platform is to enable ‘intellectual dating’ or helping people meet each other and collaborate  and its rewarding to see the intellectual dating taking place !

We have created a google group for all those in Colombia planning to attend ISEA 2017 in Manizales , or for those outside who are planning to come- it you are interested in joining this networking group send me an email at rmalina(at)alum.mit.edu

In the meantime find out whats going on in Virtual Africa: South Sudan, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and more


Hollywood of South Sudan.. PeaceHackCamp…

Striving to become the “Hollywood of South Sudan”, Kapital Movie Industry is a network of visionary young artists, documentarists, Graphic Designers, Filmmakers, Web Designers, Film Directors and Visual Effect Artists who are interested in telling the story of their new country and helping to build its future. With the PeaceHackCamp they organize each year, the aim to engage with youth using graphic technology, cinema and video to promote peace in South Sudan. In this podcast, Bakahika Bruno, KMIC’s operational manger, talks about his visions for the future of African cinema and the technical (and economical) difficulties they encounter in order for new talents to emerge.



In Christina de Middel’s website, one can read the following: “In 1964 a Zambian science teacher named Edwuard Makuka decided to train the first African crew to travel to the moon. His plan was to use an aluminium rocket to put a woman, two cats and a missionary into Space”. Unfortunately the project never came to fruition but the expression, coined by Makuka, has been adopted in space culture. This podcast is an interview of Mandla Maseko, the first black African to travel into space, more than fifty years after Edwuard Makuka’s initiative.


Young Designer in Cario makes the world a better place

Nora Abushadi is a talented designer who has been developing several projects touching, for example, upon the implementation of a multi-sensorial dining experience in Cairo and a speculative design for costume and stage designers, or even the destruction of literary culture by islamic extremists. Nora is a Virtual Africa Fellowship and has been awarded the Creative Disturbance Grants intended for international students.


Land Of Milk and Honey repays their debt in Kenya

The journey from our homes in Kenya to the US, also known to many as the “land of milk and honey,” is embarked on as an opportunity to excel in our chosen industries. In excelling, Dr. Jakki Opollo has exceeded all milestones and stands out in a sea of nurses as a top nurse. She has been a nurse for 14 years and currently serves as the Director of Professional Practice & Nursing Research at Parkland Health & Hospital System. In this podcast she sheds light on how emerging media plays a significant role in the health industry.


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