Escape from Planet Trump to far side of moon , test plans found. NOT A HOAX

Dear Colleagues

A few weeks ago I announced plans to help people migrate to the far side of the moon. The goal was to escape Planet Trump. Experts told us the far side of the moon is radio quiet and there will be no twitter access there for at least a millenium. Astronomers are planning radio telescopes there to take advantage of the lack of radio and light pollution to search and map other hospitable planets,

226 facebook friends have agreed to join this migration and help fund it. 53,000 facebook people have followed the story.

We have located experts on lunar agriculture and mining. They expected these technologies to be needed in about a century, but have agreed to speed up R and D and prototyping.

Meanwhile Trump Advisor Roger Stone has confirmed moon landing hoax: Video was shot in a warehouse in NJ apparently- details at:

This is very good news since it means that the Trump government will not seek to stop immigration plans ( to the moon) and will not set up a wall. So we encourage all migrants to t he moon to confirm that the moon landing was a hoax.

In addition plans for space elevators have been underway for decades to allow people to get over the Trump walls :  to our knowledge no one thinks that space elevators could reach the moon but we are willing to use some of the venture capital we will crowd fund for this purpose. please contact Roger Stone to make donations since the NASA budget is being slashed).

Note, experts tell us that space elevators could easily be used to transport people between Mexico and Texas. There are plans in place in Texas Mexico to build such elevators. For further details contact the ITACCUS committee for cultural utilisation of space:

The GREAT news , the reason for this post, is we have found plans for test flight to get a dog (cocker spaniel called Rocket) to the moon- found under wallpaper in the home of rocket pioneer Frank Malina:

 in a secret location in france ( photo attached below both of the plans and the house where Frank Malina though up the plan and hid it under the wallpaper that was removed in 2016)

As children we never understood why our father called our family dog ROCKET- it was a specially and illegally imported cocker spaniel from Yorkshire, England.

Now we now know these plans to escape from planet trump were hatched at least 50 years ago when our dog was still alive.

Attached are photos of the house in a mystery location, the dog called Rocket and the SECRET PLANS

roger malina

THE DOG CALLED ROCKET ( date 1961 , at the time of Yuri Gagarin ‘s test flight into orbit. Now we understand this was part of the plan to emigrate from Planet Trump) ( note our son Yuri denies rumors that he is the man on the moon in  the secret plan shown below as he was born afterwards. Unless his birth was a hoax too or the first demonstration of time travel). We also deny all rumors that these plans were developed in 2016 during the beginning of the Leonardo Journal 50th anniversary and the Roger and Christine Malina 30 wedding anniversary.


The SECRET PLAN -please do not divulge except to Roger Stone

moon-dog no-17-20160616_230859

and below, photo taken at night of the secret location in france where the

plans were found.




























PS it has come to our attention that the photo of the cocker spaniel named ROCKET is a HOAX because the real dog Rocket did not have a tuft of white hair on his chest.