Pirate Intellectuals Unite: Leonardo Reviews Starts the New Year Fighting


Leonardo Reviews is pleased to announce this month’s reviews posting.


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I would mention Gary Hall’s excellent “Pirate Philosophy” reviewed
by Rob Harle , who states:

“all has opened a can of worms with this brilliant book. It is contentious, challenging, and will help immensely develop an equitable “new world” publishing paradigm that honours and protects individual effort and creations but also allows sharing and the non multi-national control of academic research and resultant knowledge. I suggest aspects of the old world and the new are needed to work side by side. If this can be implemented, we will have the best of both worlds.

This book is essential reading for all academics and further advances and elaborates on Peter Suber’s excellent book Open Access that I reviewed for Leonardo in August 2012: http://www.leonardo.info/reviews/aug2012/suber-harle.php.  “

I also found Hall’s book thought provoking, on how we need to rethink the way we conduct our professions and not define ourselves in reaction to the current dysfunctions.

When the artists and scientists of the Rennaissance and Enlightenment  began to develop scholarly societies and publications they did this in a way appropriate to their age. Gary Hall calls us for us to be intellectual pirates and find the new fertile territories where we can document our work and show it to others.

 The ARTECA.MIT.EDU is one way that Leonardo will experiment with new modes of publishing, as has been pioneered by a number of platforms such as the Open Humanities Press, CLEO, A2RU, HASTAC, Third Canopy , Rhizome  and many others as  self publishing begin to dominate the scholarly landscape.

Roger Malina

This Month’s Reviews


January 2017

The Intermediality of Narrative Literature
by Jørgen Bruhn
Reviewed by Jan Baetens

Pirate Philosophy: For a Digital Posthumanities
by Gary Hall
Reviewed by Rob Harle

Rogue Archives: Digital Cultural Memory and Media Fandom
by Abigail De Kosnik
Reviewed by Jan Baetens

The Ordinary Man of Cinema
by Jean Louis Schefer; Max Cavitch, Noura Wedell and Paul Grant, Translators
Reviewed by Will Luers


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