VERTIGO: advocating the “sensitive” and the “intelligible”, desire and astonishments


One of the particular challenges of the STEAM argument
is that the art science work crosses many disciplinary
boundaries but not always the same ones- inter-disciplinarity is not a discipline and cannot be organised the same waythat a discipline, like physics, is organised. In our SEAD report

we drew on the network of networks idea, of horizontally organised work drawing on coordination nodes-

A new european led program has just started – VERTIGO and we are pleased that  Leonardo/OLATS is a member of this network of networks coordinated by IRCAM

with a large network

funded through STARTS in H2020,  a number of activities have been announced including a first forum at IRCAM and a call for artists residencies:

“A program of artistic residencies as part of ICT R&D projects, through 3 yearly calls for proposals which will be selected by an international jury. A total budget of 900 k€ is allocated by the project for funding the participation of artists in at least 45 residencies aiming at producing original artworks featuring innovative use-cases of the developed technologies. The first call is to be published  on March 14th

This is an ambitious and risky program, given its scale,  and given the nervousness of some in our community about the ‘instrumentalisation’ of the arts there is some
interesting language in the announcement by declaring an aim of developing work that is

“sensitive” and the “intelligible”, desire and astonishments

check out the vertigo web site at:

Vertigo, the new international art-innovation forum, presents multidisciplinary events on creation and innovation in music, art, design, and architecture in connection with digital technologies. This new rendezvous brings together the leading players in the “sensitive”
and the “intelligible”, desire and astonishment: artists, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who change and defy our present.

Indeed the way that over the last ten years, the stem to steam argument growing out of the work of the international art/science/technology community who worked “under the hood” for a century, has blossomed and is being adopted by policy makes is enough to give one “vertigo’, hold on for the ride !!

Roger F Malina