What are STEAM research hot topics ? ; data representation


The STEM to STEAM discussion is active internationally- I thought i
would bring up the topic of STEAM approaches that are developing
in research areas-the following workshop at the University of Aberdeen
is typical of similar approaches in other universities ( see below)

In this case their goal is to stimulate collaboration between Univ Aberdeen
School of Natural and Computing Sciences and The School of Language,
Literature, Music and Visual Culture and focuses on the emerging areas of
developing new kinds of data respresentation- an area I am myself invoved in.

As data visualisation has grown as a hot topic over the last decade, there are

many inititiaves that draw on the STEAM arguments re creativity and innovation

to spark new approaches on how to represent large multidimensional data sets. In

the case of our ArtSciLab at UT Dallas ( https://artscilab.atec.io/ ) we were able to

attrach funding for a data stethoscope that draws on data sonification techniques.

This workshop at Aberdeen was brought to my attention by geologist Brian Burnham who as a student
worked with me on how to use gaming engines and other systems that our
art,technologyand emerging program is expert at- fortunately our university
made it easy for a geology student to take art and technology courses- many
universities make this difficult. He will be attending the workshop
that will include artists and scientists

If you would like to mention targeted research initiatives
in this one that draw on the stem to steam arguments please do join our stem to steam discussion.

on YASMIN: http://estia.media.uoa.gr/mailman/listinfo/yasmin_discussions


what are the hot topics in steam motivated research ?

If you know anyone at Aberdeen tell them about it- the contact person is
Amy Bryzgel (a.bryzgel@abdn.ac.uk)

the workshop description follows

Roger Malina

Visualising Practices across Art and Science
28 April 2017

This is a call for colleagues who are interested in cross-disciplinary
research, public engagement and collaboration. We invite colleagues in
The School of Natural and Computing Sciences and The School of
Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture to present their work
that may be of interest to those across College and School divides.
Colleagues can present papers or brief summaries of their research
interest, or just come for a chat. The idea is to create a research
sandpit that brings together researchers from both schools with a view
toward potential future collaboration.

The aim of the workshop is to explore what those in the humanities and
those in the sciences can understand from one another.

The School of Natural and Computing Sciences and The School of
Language, Literature, Music and Visual Cultur

– From raw data to a visual/aural output: models, images, sounds and
visualisations in the making
– Visualisation and Sonification
– Visualisation, Interpretation and Display: visualising what for whom?
– Gaps in visualisation/sonification practices: what cannot be
visualised, sonified?
– Cinema and Science: histories, frictions, dialogues
– Big data
– Symmetry
– Topology
– Art in Science, Science in Art
– Modelling of poetry and language
– …and others…


Amy Bryzgel (a.bryzgel@abdn.ac.uk)