Invitation to Yuri’s Night and Greater Earth Day Party Dallas April 22 Saturday 2017


This is to invite you to a Yuri’s Day  and Greater Earth Party  in Dallas on Sat April 22 12-8pm

Yuri’s Night is wed april 13 and celebrates Gagarin’s first human in space flight- we celebrate it late

parties are held all over the planet:

The Greater Earth Day, coined by space artist Arthur Woods :

which helps us rethink the earth and sustainable life on it in the larger context of the solar planetary system, and now the thousands of planets around other stars that are now being studied. Geo-centric and anthropo-centric thinking needs to be reframed !!

We will also be celebrating the presence of a number of visitors and guests to dallas, as well as the graduation of several of the UTDallas students in the UTD ATEC ArtSciLab:

Anyway if you are in dallas, or know anyone in dallas who might like to come, here are the details- contact me at if you think you might drop by !!

Roger Malina

Hope you can come!

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ATEC  ArtSciLab
Greater Earth Day Party!

Saturday, April 22nd
AT 12.PM-8.30 PM

“Landmark on Lovers”
Contact me for details
Dallas, TX 75206


  510 316 9149

Outside the building​

Take elevator to 2nd Fl.(2), turn left

​ out of the elevator​

 and #200 is just on the right side of the corridor.
Call 510 853 2007 or 510 316 9149 if you have problems getting through the front glass door of the entrance.​