ATEC watering hole april 21 in dallas texas


if you have friends in dallas please feel free to invite them to

ATEC Watering Hole

April 21,  2 – 4pm


ATC 3.209


Advent GX

Jose Quintana and Marie Marchand

Bryant, Texas

Founded in 2004 as a spin-out from Texas A&M University, Advent GX is a tourism and economic development solutions provider with practices in economic analysis, technology & entrepreneurship, tourism development, and marketing & creative services. Advent GX uses innovation and entrepreneurship to support cultural and heritage development in small and underserved communities. Having served the top two tourism states in the U.S., Advent GX puts proven analytical tools and strategy development practices to work for small and underserved communities and the businesses that bring these places to life. Working with our clients, we focus on developing the assets unique to each community – cultural, heritage, ecological –  to enhance quality of life and spur economic growth.

About Jose Quintana: Currently the President of Advent GX and the visionary behind the Innovation Underground Quintana is a serial entrepreneur and consultant to clients from Disney to Novartis,  and the States of California and Texas. Quintana brings broad expertise, insight and genuine enthusiasm to every new project or idea. Quintana has a computer science degree from Texas A&M University with a minor in Mathematics and Statistics. Quintana brings key technology development, financial engineering and econometric modeling competencies to AdventGX as well as strong strategy deployment and project management expertise. Quintana has also done considerable work in the areas of Data Visualization, Volumetric Analysis, Geomatics, Remote Sensing – Telemetry, Data Acquisition, Strategy & Performance Support Systems, Analytics, Rural Economic Development, and Quality Function Deployment. He is also proud to serve as Advisory Council Member at the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). In 2009, Quintana was appointed to the Advisory Council of the Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences Department at Texas A&M University and served as president of the Texas Chapter -Travel and Tourism Research Association. Quintana currently serves as president of the Central Texas Chapter of the International Systems Security Association.

About Marie Marchand: As the Innovation Underground Manager and SEAD Academy Director at Advent GX Marchand oversees the daily operations of the Innovation Underground, a business and technology incubator and supports entrepreneurs with various services. She also directs the SEAD Academy educational program that encourages innovation and promotes the discovery of new ways to understand and positively impact our communities and our world. Marchand graduated from the Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium with a Master’s Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures, option in Languages for Business Communication.



João Silveira


About João Silveira: A pharmacist with experience in toxicology and scientific instrumentation Silveira is currently a Harvard Research Fellow – Faculty of Arts & Sciences and Ph.D. student at Medical Biochemistry Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).   The goal is to investigate how do the interaction processes between art and science occur, and which are the dialogue products of these two fields based on a contemporary investigation of projects in Brazil, France, and the United States. This work has been presented at several events at universities such as Harvard, MIT, Ryerson University and Imperial College London. He is a member of the Sociedad del Rayo – Comité Internacional de Arte, Ciência y Tecnologia (Core founder – Colômbia) and  Art & Science Collaborations (ASCI) and author of the book “Da Ideia ao Aplauso”.  Silveira is also a performer, choreographer, professor and researcher and has experience of over 20 years on tour around the world and 3,000 shows.



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