Synesthesia for breakfast in Manizales Colombia Leonardo 5oth birthday at ISEA



This morning we had breakfast in Manizales Colombia where we have come for the first of a series of Leonardo 50th anniversary birthday parties that have gone viral (this one hosted by ISEA,  next one in Rio at PUC RIO, then Bologna then…!!!) Manizales is in an area of incredible biodiversity that was mapped by Francisco Jose de Caldas (  ) in the 18th century. Felipe Londono, Rector of the University of Caldas that is hosting ISEA, has launched the Caldas expedition of the 21st century that will remap Colombia using the combination of the best local knowledge and big data. ( )  .

At the bottom of this blog post is a photograph that i took at breakfast from the place we are staying with a group of Leonardo and family friends. My senses were awake. Manizales is in a complex topological landscape of hills and rivers, The city in mixed with green areas that are remarkably biodiverse. Walking in Manizales features all our tactile senses, hightening our awareness of our contact with the ground and the variety of textures. The air is rich in smells from all the different flora and fauna ( yes i stepped on a dead frog and my nose was ecstatic).And yes bread is bread but so different in taste. And this morning in the city i was awoken by the sound of cars, yes, but birds, and grunts of animals.


I wish I was a synesthete ! But as I remember my breakfast, my memory is multisensory and intense with all senses almost equivalent rather than dominated by the visual as it is in my work in european and north american cities where I have lived.


Coincidentally colleague Carol Steen sent me this announcement for the upcoming synesthesia conference :

Dear Roger,

I thought you might like to know that the American Synesthesia
Association, Inc.’s 12th Conference will be held at Harvard on October
6 – 8, 2017.  We just posted the Call for Papers on the ASA’s website.
Abstract submission deadline is July 7, 2017.

Warm regards,
Carol Steen

Here is the picture i took at breakfast- i wish i could attach the feel and smells


And here is a similar rich ecosystem landscape in Medellin






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