Humanities to the rescue in STEAM ? averting the tragedy of the internet


One of the issues that has been coming up as the stem to steam discussion
moving forward is how to avert the developing ‘tragedy of the internet’ by
analogy with the ‘tragedy of the commons”

eg see

at the commoning charrette this last summer the group proposed a number of strategies  

one of the concepts is a ‘gated commons’ by analogy to the
agricultural land ,which had shared commons would have “gates”
for instance  which would
let pedestrians into the commons, but not cattle unless accompanied
by a human…


( note the concept of patterning in commons development draws on
the work of chris alexander:  )

our new is using this pattern of commoning
to create a collaboration commons for the art science technology community

here is an area humanities scholars in stem to steam could play an active
role on how we avert the developing tragedy of the internet- steam ahead ?!

roger malina


personal comment- my mother marjorie malina grew up in Elslack Yorkshire England where there is still a gated active commons on the moor