ArtScience Public Engagement and Citizen Science- Professional Amateurs here we come !


Here is a great new initiative in Venice through the science gallery initiative ! 

Breaking boundaries and creating collisions in science, art, technology and innovation

As I have argued before in this blog, the emerging citizen science movement is rapidly

maturing and we can anticipate a situation with a growing number of professional

amateurs carrying out a growing amount of scientific research, not just data collection

or on line labor, but also data analysis and scientific results. I think this is one real

response to Helga Nowotny’s call for a move to ‘socially robust’ science, and as

this initiative describes this MA would lead to the training of socially robust

scientists and other professionals.

Maybe 50 years from now a significant fraction of all scientific research will  be

done by professional amateurs- changing the implicit biases in the direction

that science takes at a given moment in society.

Does anyone know of other initiatives that link the artscience movement

to the professionalisation of citizen scientists ? ( in french Levy Leblond and

Steigler talk of the ‘amatorat’)


roger malina

here are the details:

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice presents a new professional master’s
degree in public engagement on the fascinating interactions among art,
science, technology and innovation. The multifaceted world concerning
art, science and technology is enjoying unprecedented growth and an
appropriate public engagement and communication strategy is needed for
creating a responsible, responsive and ethical society.

This professional master’s, in collaboration with every Science
Gallery in  the Global Science Gallery Network, supports, promotes and
fosters the worldwide growing vibrant culture of art-science
communication and public engagement. It involves and connects renowned
national and international science communication organisations and
offers opportunities for work-based projects and future placements.

Prospective master’s students will learn how to engage the public and
raise awareness on scientific issuesby facilitating, launching and
managing dialogue and debates, how to apply the most effective
interviewing tools, to write effective press releases and policy
briefings, and will also take advantage of citizen science to foster
and engage the local community. They will also learn and practice
techniques to put the public in contact with science through a
visionary unprecedented artistic point of view.

Target applicants:
– Scientists
– Public and science engagement managers
– Event managers
– Museum managers
– Science communicators
– Public information officers
– Policy consultants
– Innovation influencers
– Creative entrepreneurs
– Graduate students

Professional profiles:
-Engagement managers in Science, Art, Technology and Innovation
– Science, Art, Technology and Innovation communicators
-Public Information officers
-Education officers
-Policy consultants
-Innovation influencers
-Knowledge brokers
-Creative entrepreneurs

Language: the course is fully taught in English
Available places: 40
Duration of the programme: one year
Period: March 2018 – March 2019
Teaching method: classroom-based lessons held by The Global Science
Gallery Network  key representatives
Location: Venice – Vega Park
Deadline for application submission: December 4th, 2017
Enrollment fees: € 15.000, accommodation costs included
Grants/scholarships: full or partial scholarships covering the
registration fee, if given, will be provided by the institution.

For information about submission of admission applications, please
contact the Coordinating Office:
Ca’ Foscari Challenge School:
tel. (+39) 041 234 6853 (9am – 1pm GMT+1)
fax (+39) 041 234 6801

For information about the course contents and calendar click HERE or contact: