Leonardo Awards for Excellence in Peer Reviewing: Rosemary Mountain, Asimina Kaniari, Nuno Correia,  Carol Bier


As a result of 50 years of publishing work on the cutting edge, Leonardo has become the leading international peer-reviewed journal on the use of contemporary science and technology in the arts and music and, increasingly, the application and influence of the arts, design and humanities on science and technology. In the United States, this phenomenon is sometimes called “STEM to STEAM.”

Constructive peer reviews are critical to Leonardo’s publication process. Leonardo relies on its expert peer reviewers to address work across disciplines with academic rigor and a sympathetic intelligence that provides our authors with insights that allow them to present their work as strongly and clearly as possible. This is particularly difficult in reviewing trans-disciplinary work.

This month we commence a quarterly recognition of exceptional peer reviewers in our network. We extend our gratitude and congratulations to the following for their in-depth and deeply constructive feedback on papers under consideration for publication.

Carol Bier
Carol Bier is a Research Scholar with the Center for Islamic Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley CA. A historian of Islamic art, her interdisciplinary research focuses on patterns as intersections of art and mathematics.

Nuno Correia
Nuno N. Correia is a researcher and audiovisual artist. He is interested in interactive multi-sensorial experiences. He is currently Assistant Professor at Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI).

Asimina Kaniari
Asimina Kaniari is Assistant Professor in Art History at the Athens School of Fine Arts and a Seeger Fellow for Fall 2017 at Princeton University looking at transfers from avant-garde art practice into art publishing from the late 1960s in relation to pop and the print aesthetic.

Rosemary Mountain 
Rosemary Mountain is an artist/researcher whose explorations led her to question numerous aspects of standard music training, and to develop alternate analytical strategies and methods to express different perspectives.

As part of our Leonardo activities at the UTDallas ArtSciLab  we have launched an initiative in what we call ‘experimental publishing”. Yes publication experiments are a research field and in many ways more difficult than astrophysics. The initiative is co piloted by Researchers Cassini Nazir, Chaz Lilly and myself. Chaz is doing a phd on experimental publishing – see his web site for more details https://www.chazlilly.com/  The testbed for these experiments is our new ARTECA.MIT.EDU platform.


We will be working with our exceptional peer reviewers Rosemary Mountain, Asimina Kaniari, Nuno Correia,  Carol Bier and future Leonardo Exception Peer Reviewer award winners to tap into their expertise  on how best to evolve our systems of peer reviewing so that the good stuff rises to the top, while being aware that sometimes the good stuff is only recognised years from now.


With thanks again to Rosemary Mountain, Asimina Kaniari, Nuno Correia,  Carol Bier for their contributions in helping Leonardo become the second ranked visual art journal in google scholar ! https://scholar.google.com/citations?view_op=top_venues&hl=en&vq=hum_visualarts

Roger Malina

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