Leonardo LABS 2018 call for Phd, MFA and MA abstracts in the art,science,technology fields

Dear Colleagues,

Leonardo LABS 2018 call for PhD, MFA and MA abstracts in the art, science,  technology fields



As we near the end of the academic year, we want to bring the Leonardo Abstract Service (LABS) service to the attention of students and educators.

Students who will be getting an M.A., M.F.A. or PhD, before July 2018,  in a subject related to the intersection of art, science and/or technology are encouraged to submit an abstract of their thesis to the LABS database.

While the abstract needs to be written, theses can be written or an artistic work in any media. The LABS database functions as a way for international artists and scholars to learn about the work of the next generation. The database is peer-reviewed, and the top-ranking authors are invited to submit an article on their work for publication in Leonardo Journal published by MIT Press.  Additionally, abstracts ranked as first or second tier by the peer reviewers are published in the Leonardo Newsletter.


The next deadline for submissions is June 30, 2018. Please bring the LABS database to the attention of your students.  Also, please forward this information to other appropriate faculty. Do not hesitate to contact us or have them contact us with questions. You can view the database at collections.pomona.edu/labs/. Abstracts and their titles must be in English, but the thesis itself can be in English, Spanish or French. In coming years we will broaden the range of thesis languages included. 



Sheila Pinkel                                                               

Editor in Chief, English Language LABS


 Joao Silveira

 Latin American Representative


Roger Malina, Executive Editor, Leonardo Publications,

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