Jurgen and Nora Claus wish Happy 50Birthday Gratulations to Leonardo


Jurgen and Nora Claus wish Happy 50th Birthday Gratulations to Leonardo

In response to the wonderful news that the Leonardo network and collective has been awarded a Ars Electronica Golden Nica Awards for Pioneers in Media arts:


Jurgen and Nora Claus sent the Leonardo networks this wonderful birthday greetings drawing, with the caption below. Jurgen Claus has been an Leonardo Honorary Editor and Advisor for decades ! His work in Solar Art , which he documented in the Leonardo Journal is exemplary and he has been a visionary in our community for over 60 years. He is  a great example of how the Leonardo network has proved to be an inter-generational network Jurgen was born in 1935     https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%BCrgen_Claus


Here is the picture he has drawn for the gratulation

“Al pittore è necessario le matematiche appartenente a essa pittura.”

“To the painter is necessary the mathematics belonging to  painting.”

“Pour le peintre est nécessaire les mathématiques appartenant à la peinture.”

“Para el pintor es necesaria la matemática propia de su pintura.”

Leonardo the first

“we think that in 50 years people will publish
in the primary language they think in  and  translation engines will be effective.”
The Leonardo Collective  the First

Jurgen Claus

We welcome any other drawings or other ways of wishing the Leonardo collective happy 50th birthday !! Send to rmalina@alum.mit.edu







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