Open call for Village Idiots: Dallas Leo50 Birthday Party Slam Fri Oct 19 2018

Open call for Village Idiots at the Leonardo Slam at UTDallas ATEC Friday Oct 19 2018. HELP US REDEFINE THE CRUCIAL ROLE THAT CAN BE PLAYED BY SO CALLED VILLAGE IDIOTS
IN THE MIDDLE AGES. In the art science technology our pioneers were often treated as ‘idiots’ or not confirming to the social norms of our institutions. Some times these pioneers laid the ground work for the STEM to STEAM movement today. Sometimes they were just crazy and they didnt change the history of ideas.

If you consider yourself a village idiot and would like to be invited (read to end to know if you qualify to attend as a village idiot).

UTD Dallas ATEC will be hosting a Leonardo 50th anniversary party and leonardo slam – all villagers invited including village idiots. My classics educated colleague Cassini Nazir enlightened me that one of the things we need is more village idiots:

The village idiot  ( ):

The village idiot was long considered an acceptable social role, a unique individual who was dependent yet contributed to the social fabric of his community.[4] As early as Byzantine times, the “village idiot” was treated as an acceptable form of disabled individual compatible with then-prevailing normative conceptions of social order. The concept of a “village savant” or “village genius” is closely related, often tied to the concept of pre-industrial anti-intellectualism, as both figures are subjects of both pity and derision.[5] The social roles of the two are combined and applied, especially in the sociopolitical context, in the European medieval/Renaissance court jester.

So if you consider yourself a village idiot, and would like to be invited to the Leo50th birthday party at ATEC on  Friday evening October 19 2018 drop me an email at – and village idiots are invited to slam publicly. Who knows maybe this village gathering will help change the history of ideas and contribute to overcoming the tragedy of the internet. I will try to participate in the poetry slamming, if you would like to join the slam contact me

Other Leonardo Village 50th birthday parties are listed at:    

contact the organisers to make sure village idiots are invited, but I am pretty sure they are.

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