Space Artists of the Universe Meet at MIT oct 28/29 2019

colleagues in the space exploration and the arts villages- am
delighted to announce
this major conference on the arts and space explortion !
roger malina


The International Academy of Astronautics is holding the Second
Symposium on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics for
Space on October 28-29, 2019 at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
The theme is “STEAM for Space Leaders of Tomorrow.” This symposium is
organized under the auspices of the IAA Multi-commission Study Group
6.16 on “STEM/STEAM for Space Grand Challenges.” The first day will
involve presentations by experts and leaders from academia, government
and business. The next morning visits are planned to laboratories,
centers and institutes involved in space-related activities at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Participants will be free to
visit MIT faculty in the afternoon.

Possible Topics:

Programs to enhance STEAM education for space, e.g. communications,
earth observation, transportation, space physics, life sciences, space
technology, planetary science. Multi-disciplinary and
multi-institutional efforts. Contributions of national and
international space agencies and organizations. Development of
qualified scientists, engineers and leaders for future space
activities. Educational trends and expected new space fields.
Innovations in STEAM education for Space. Interactions of Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with the creative Arts.
Challenges in improving STEAM education.

Co-Chairs: Liya Regel (IAA), Wesley Harris (NAE, IAA)

IAA Study Group members: Oleg M. Alifanov, Guy Andre Boy, Guobiao Cai,
Duarte Carlos, Yulin Deng, Amalia Ercoli Finzi, Norbert Frischauf,
Alon Gany, Jordi Gutierrez, Michèle Lavagna, Qiusheng Liu, Inessa B.
Kozlovskaya, Roger F. Malina, Giovanni Maizza, Jancy C. McPhee,
Valanathan Munsami, Carol Oliver, Oleg Orlov, Amelia Ortiz-Gil,
Radhika Ramachandran, Giuseppe G. Reibaldi, Alejandro J. Roman M.,
Irina B. Vavilova, Oleg Ventskovsky, Fengyuan Zhuang

For more detailed information, please contact

the IAA Office:

28-29 October 2019, MIT Cambridge, USA

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