Experimental Publi-shing and Curate-ing (EXPUCU) OCTOPUS

 Experimental Publi-shing and Curate-ing (EXPUCU)     OCTOPUS

Exciting new publishing experiment by ALEXANDRA FREEMAN


“What would science look like if we started again?

The idea of Octopus is to create a single place for all scientific research to be published… freely open to all to read and language agnostic.

Instead of publishing ‘papers’, the unit of publication will be smaller: a piece in the chain from problem -> hypothesis -> method/protocol -> data -> analysis -> interpretation -> real world application. “

Contact: roger.malina@utdallas.edu if you have started publishing on Octopus , we are watching how Octopus develops to see if we could adopt some of Octopus’ good practices for our own Experimental Publi-shing and Curate-ing Projects. These include http://arteca.mit.edu,

which is publishing multi-lingually and multi-modally

learn more about our Experimental Publi-shing and Curate-ing Initiative at the ArtSciLab UTDallas https://artscilab.atec.io/about

PS. this is a recommendation to an unrelated initiative

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