Re-Imagining Chess: Reunion 3: A multimedia experimental AI chess performance in Dallas Power Station art gallery

Watch this space- on october 5 saturday 2019 in dallas texas

On october 5 you are invited to the experimental multimedia AI assisted performance:

RE-IMAGINING CHESS at the Dallas Power Station : as part of the Good Moves Art Exhibit. There is a public auction open to benefit the Vogel Alcove for homeless children in dallas. Texas grand master chess champion Zurabi Javakhadze will be playing blindfolded with members of the audience aided by data sonification of the chess moves using data stethoscope software developed by the artscilab. oh yes – new versions with sound will be up too-this is just to tease will have to come to the performance to hear the live music and data sonification. AI software is used to assist the blinded chess player. we are also looking for blind chess players to play against the texas grandmaster chess player and encourage you to buy the artworks in the on line auction.

. roger malina