Putting Theory into Practice- blinded chess grandmaster zura javakhadre Oct 5 in Dallas

Please come to our re-imagining chess performance in honor of john cage and marcel duchamp

details: http://malina.diatrope.com/2019/09/17/oct-5-you-are-invited-to-play-chess-against-blindfolded-texas-chess-champion-zurabi-javakhadre-in-dallas/

And we are proud to announce the publication of our Grey Paper which provides the theoretical taxonomy for the ways we will be sonifying the data from the digital chess board- this is part of our initiative with the dallas esports industry , in this case echess

We carry our artmaking and performances as part of our research methodology- we will be analysing the performance to see what innovations resulted that will be useful for the business community and others that are beginning to use our data stethoscope software

Ways of Listening for Information: A Vague Taxonomy of Sonification Techniques

Authored by Scot Greshman-Lancaster (with co-authors Sharath Chandra Ram and Roger Malina), this paper discusses a rough taxonomy of data sonification methods. It summarizes the discoveries and results of ongoing in-depth exploration in this area of research, and uses some of the ArtSciLab’s own modules based on this taxonomy to allow listeners of data and users of machines to make better, faster decisions and help distribute these techniques on a larger scale.

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