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Announcing a YASMIN discussion with an international group of exprt discussants October 28th and will be moderated by Guillermo Muñoz, Spanish physic researcher working in the fields of Nanotechnology and Quantum Photonics, with a number of invited

The YASMIN moderators are pleased to announce our next discussion on the Yasmin Discussion list:


“The Who/When/Where/Why of the today Art/Sci Practices”

The actual Art/Sci collaborative landscape includes more and more actions between consolidated institutions and alternatives spaces. Art/Sci practice is impacting the well stablished academic research activity, principally driven by universities and technology centres and companies, where private and public funding from research programs and agencies is getting used to promote the collaboration between artist and scientist. There are new founding opportunities from consolidated research agendas or many important Art/Sci residencies all over the planet. Inside the science, research it is starting to advocate for the transdisciplinary relations, where some of the higher impact specialized research journals are dedicating particular spaces to start to study them, just following the main work started many decades ago by the reference journal Leonardo. The join action can be understood as a “redesigning science” program. However, in the day by day practice much of the Art/Sci activity is happening just in side-places, leaded by different associations and cultural groups, many times as a result of personal activity, where processes like self-learning, peer-learning in workshops or DIY meetings are producing “micro-negociations” between different cultural contexts and group roots. In both the institutional and side-place realities, one of the principal returns is materialized as new and shared educational resources, which helps to re-define our mutual conception of what is culture and who is participating on it. In our discussion we will try to get some answers about the following questions: 

– Which are the actual places and context where artists and scientist are engaged and shared their work in collaboration?

– In this context of mutual collaboration, how the artists and scientist get their scientific and artistic knowledge? (self-teaching – peer-teaching :: workshops – conferences -DIY meetings)

– How are affecting our cultural differences to these actions? (geographical: latin-african-anglo-asian :: Urban-Rural).

– Which are the mechanisms and the scenarios where scientist and artists materialize the learning process from each other?

– Who is becoming the user and the actor in these actions? And who are the actors that are not present? 

The discussion will start on next October 28th and will be moderated by Guillermo Muñoz, Spanish physic researcher working in the fields of Nanotechnology and Quantum Photonics, with a number of invited discussants: 

  • Jadwiga Charzynska: I am the director of LAZNIA CCA in Gdansk since 2004 and in our program, one of the most important points is the Art + Science Meeting project, which we organize regularly from 2011. It’s really unique program in Poland presented Art / Sci projects.



  • Joao Silveira: Brazilian entrepreneur, choreographer and pharmacist. Was a Harvard Fellow (Le Laboratoire/ 2017-2019) and currently is a research fellow at the ArtSciLab – UT Dallas, and CienciArte Lab – Fiocruz.
  • Jing Chen: Associate professor of Arts and associate director of Art and Cultural Innovation and Creativity Lab of Nanjing University.
  • Gustavo Ariel Schwartz.: Physicist and writer. Scientist of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) at the Materials Physics Center. Founder director of the Mestizajes Program, at the Donostia International Physics Center, whose purpose is to explore and cross the borders among Art, Science, Literature and Humanities.


Personal web page: https://cfm.ehu.es/schwartz/

Mestizajes web page http://www.mestizajes.es

  • Raúl Abeledo: Faculty of Economics (University of València). Researcher on cultural planning, environmental sustainability and local development. Amateur artist since 20 years ago (painter and songwriter).


Trans-Making project: https://trans-making.eu/ 

  • Vicki Sowry: Director of the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT). 

Links: http://www.anat.org.au/ 

  • Salome Cuesta: Member of the FECYT-Art/Science/Technology group. Co-Author of the White Paper on the interrelationship between Art, Science and Technology in Spain 2006. 


Basic artistic interest: light/time installations.  http://bit.ly/33p0Ifp

Last projects:  visibility of women in Art/Science/Technology (Invisibility Memory: http://bit.ly/2yQUBDg & STEAM Women, under study: http://bit.ly/2yXa1FW )

Commitment as a teacher in Art/Science debates: http://bit.ly/2BaiuXK 

Short CV: https://www.medialab-prado.es/personal/salome-cuesta 

All Yasminers are welcome to join us. We hope we would share interesting ideas with the aim to develop a fruitful discussion.

This is a discussion designed by the YASMIN moderator team, and co-sponsored by Leonardo/ISAST and OLATS and the Univeristy of Athens.

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