Jacob Hunwick, Appointed UTD ArtSciLab and Leonardo Journal Ambassador in Germany

I am pleased to announce the first UTD ATEC ArtSciLab and Leonardo Journal Ambassdor: Jacob Hunwick. He will be travelling around europe over the next 6 months, and I will be working with him regularly- please feel free to contact him and share this email and suggest people he might meet  :

He will be doing research, detailed below, for his student project, but he is also interested in networking with Leonardo folk in Germany and within medieval travel distances to bring mutual benefit from his travelling.

As you know I have described the Leonardo community as an “archipelago’ of artscience villages. In village cultures, which are networked and bottom up, travellers play a key role today ( and in the middle ages also of course) in connecting ideas, locations  and people.

Feel free to contact him and suggest people to meet and place based ideas !Jacob Hunwick <jhunwick1@gmail.com>
Roger Malina

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We rely on our legs, not motors, to travel and navigate urban environments. I seek products that involve motion and break through the 2-dimensional touch screen barrier. I seek educational tools that encourage children to learn through active motion and participation rather than passive consumption. 

While abroad, I will search for and document exemplars of health-conscious technologies from innovative urban design to integrated. 

To those interested in my research goal contact me via email at jmh170830@utdallas.edu. I look forward to traveling all around Europe in pursuit of my research goal. 

-Jacob Hunwick 

UTD ARTSCILAB Lab Ambassador Appointed  

to enable ArtSci connections Abroad 

February 2020, the University of Texas at Dallas ArtSciLab appoints Jacob Hunwick as Lab Ambassador for the duration of his study abroad program in Germany. He starts at Phillips University Marburg on February the 18th and finishes on June the 12th. In addition, lab director Roger Malina appoints Jacob as an intern representative for the Leonardo Journal in Europe. 

Jacob will work to research, discover and document exemplars of art-science and well-being. Through his studies in ATEC at UT Dallas, Jacob has found a passion for technologies that prioritize the preservation and promotion of healthy habits and lifestyles. 

Through his weekly blog posts, he will report on interviews, events, and interactions with new organizations and people related to technologies that prioritize human health. 

The following is a summary of his research interests that he will pursue and write about in his weekly blog. 

Research Goal for Lab Ambassador Position 

Ideally, interaction designers want interfaces designed for everyday use to develop into healthy habits. Unfortunately, screen-based interfaces and modern city infrastructure trends promote sedentary habits.  

Infinitely scrolling pages and endless content tunnels enable users to over-dose on screen-time. Common use of screens for education, entertainment, and leisure time encourage people to abandon physical activity. And lastly, American city infrastructures discourages walking with a hyper focus on the automobile. 

Through my research, I seek interfaces between human and modern technology that improve human well-being. I seek infrastructure that empowers us to 

To those interested in my research goal contact me via email at jmh170830@utdallas.edu. I look forward to traveling all around Europe in pursuit of my research goal. 

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