Happy Happy Birthday Hannes Leopoldseder

This is a short video greeting to Hannes Leopoldseder for his 80th birthday born March 27, 1940 in St. Leonhard near Freistadt


A founder of ars electronica, which he was a driving visionary-

As we moan about the covid19 situation, Hannes understood that we need artists, designers and humanities scholars on tv as well as the doctors, politicians , business folk and military professionals. We need to change our culture and for this we need art science and technology to bridge and help us solve the crises of our times His work at ORF and through the co founding of ars electronica changed the world – we need more people collaborating like Hannes- he was a born collaborator- we dont need more geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci, we need more people like Hannes who know how to collaborate with genius.

Roger Malina

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