Post Pandemic Provocations by ArtScientists (PPPandas)

we know your email boxes are full of email gonorrhea– this email is not infectious-trust us-hah-

thank you jack ox for sharing your on line course materials on the YASMIN list- open access sharing is what we need in the gift exchange culture of the yasmin villages that will emerge happy and productive after the pandemic wanes

Nina Czegledy, Joel Slayton and I have started thinking privately about how to enable post pandemic ideas which we are calling ‘provocations’ (which art/sci/techhybrids  and artists are often expert in)

But Joel insists that rather than by yet another futurist attempt to predict what the world might look like, the focus would look to
‘provoke ‘ alternative solutions to immediate challenges in the post pandemic.

We build on the success of the anarchists, futurism, dada, E.A.T, Bauhaus, in seeding generative ideas that took root during the pandemics and holocausts of their day

We will moderate our e-mails carefully so that we dont contribute to the e-pandemic that is spreading quicker on the internet than the biological one in the ecosystems of our home planet

We need social distancing on line as well as in physical space- feel free to unsubscribe or block my posts

Roger Malina

Roger in Dallas, please phone/txt/ +15108532007 if urgent

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