Yuri’s Night Birthday Parties Go PPPP Balistic

Thanks for your birthday wishes-Christine and my 70th birthday parties have now started at:  http://yurisnightdfw.com/

The party party has started under the PPPP ( Post Pandemic Provocation Party of Anarchists, Dada ists, Futurists and other artists who will change the history of ideas without intending )

If you would like to be invited to the face to face and hugging partysend me an email at rmalina@alum.mit.edu …

Yes we will party until the party happens and you will receive an invitation to the very formal party.

Meanwhile we are recording memories for the future: 

a) vint cerf who ask artists to take over setting up the Interplanetary Internet

b) Sarah Jane Pell who talks about her experiences in zero gravity and other extreme environment and anticiplates the extreme environment of social distancing.

c) Poetry to Carbon, the atom without which we would not exist, by physicist-poet Ayen Deng

d) Soon victoria vesna, nina czelgledy alyce santoro, joel slayton and other idel no gooders on the Leonardo Post Pandemic Provocateur planning

We are looking forward to recording testimonials from anyone who has experienced zero gravity- and lived to tell the tale..contact me to record a video !

we are also looking for any sonifications of space related data we can the party when it happens. contact me at rmalina@alum.mit.edu

it will happen

christine and roger malina  and the leonardo, iaa, yasmin, artscilabers, and the other villages in the archipelago of villages we belong to.

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